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The Regulations of International Charity Fundation of Humanitarian Interaction

The Regulations  of International Charity Fundation of Humanitarian Interaction



To have stable preservation and progressive development of modern humanity, everything and everyone, a greater and vitally important significance have two main paradigms: charity and interaction.

Under the word «humanitarian» is meant not only the sciences of a special nature (social sciences), but also the most diverse human activities (including various sciences, spheres of culture, etc.), having positive practical significance for human existence and development, and practicing on the basis of interaction between people and people with the world around them.

Historically and logically fight has already exhausted itself as violence, material and spiritual («who will win?»). An urgent need is all the more felt for a successful solution of various problems (political, economic, social, national, etc.) in interaction between very different sovereign in its nature principles. More and really practical significance gets in modern conditions a spiritual beginning as internal set (predisposition, willingness) of all real phenomena, natural and man-made, and in the first place of the very person, focused on its material embodiment.

The word «charity» is an analog to the Greek word «philanthropy», which is most often used today. «Philanthropy» is assist to the poor. We will use «charity» word as key and typologically meaningful, more concise and real-valued, than «philanthropy».

Etymologically, «charity» means «creation» of «good» by one person for another person. «Blessing» is in its essence interaction as complementarity, mutual enrichment and partial mutual transition into each other of material and spiritual interests and needs of a person when they are satisfied, in the material and the spiritual. A specific measure of such satisfaction can be very different both in its content, and in the norm of its expression. There are different types and ways of supply of «charity» and results, derived from this. «Benefit» means real development and improvement of a real person, both the giver and the receiver.

«Creation» in «charity» is interaction of material and spiritual human activities, aimed at the «benefit» of a person, at material and spiritual satisfaction of his material and spiritual interests and needs.

«Charity» as interaction of its component material and spiritual principles in its nature is opposed to any violence, internal and external, material and spiritual. In this case, in different targets for «charity» in its various specific results can somehow dominate one of the fundamental principles, components of «charity» («help», «support», «patronage», «investment», «mercy», «sponsorship»).

Charity and interaction as special paradigms are in constant and variably leveled principal interaction. The purpose and result of charity is full strengthening and development of fruitful interaction between people, a human and the world around him. Interaction has its inner set and a real and practical basis in material and spiritual charity in material and spiritual interests of the people.

In connection with all the mentioned above an urgent need for creating a special International charity fund of humanitarian cooperation arises.

The fund’s purpose is supporting activities, material and spiritual, individuals (scientists, artists, etc.), aimed at strengthening and developing cooperation, material and spiritual, various principles, forces, tendencies, trends, etc., contributing to their fruitful collaboration, material and spiritual in order to preserve peace on our planet and security of modern humanity, everything and everyone, utmost development of science and culture, truly humane in its essence.

The initiator and founder of such fund is the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS, St. Petersburg, Russia). The President and Head of the Fund, the Rector of the IUFS, Mahatma, Grand Ph.D., Doctor of juridical sciences, professor, academician Shanti P. Jayasekara. The Vice President and scientific director of the Fund is the Vice-Rector of the IUFS, Grand Ph.D., Ph.D., professor, academician A. N. Iezuitov. The executive and scientific secretary of the Fund is a Grand-Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of psychological sciences, professor, academician V. V. Lukoyanov.

Currently at the IUFS the International Complex Programs are prepared, having consistently and purposefully-humanitarian nature and being able to attract potential benefactors from around the world, who can and want to really help the humanity, everything and everyone, to make life on this planet really safe and beneficial to a human, materially and spiritually.


The following Programs are offered:


  1. The International Complex Program «Natural disasters (earthquakes, eruption of volcanoes, tsunamis): timely warning of their occurrence and effective overcoming of the negative effects after them».
  2. The International Complex Program, ensuring safety of flights in extreme conditions.
  3. The International Complex Program for traffic safety in the «pathogeneous zones».

The Author and scientific director of the International Complex Programs is A. N. Iezuitov.








The President and the Head of the Fund, the Rector of the IUFS,

Mahatma, Grand-Doctor of philosophy,

doctor of juridical sciences,

professor, academician                                                                                     Shanti P. Jayasekara




May 15, 2012

St. Petersburg

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