Health improvement programs:

Opening of hospitals and medical clinics (in Russia and Europe).

  • Purchase of medical equipment and medicines.
  • Vaccination (including people living in developing countries).
  • Diagnosis, preventive care and treatment of infectious diseases.
  • Organization of health-improvement camps.
  • Emergency, urgent, elective (scheduled) cardiac surgery (invasive diagnostic studies, interventions for ischemic heart disease, heart defects surgery, surgery for atherosclerotic lesions of carotid arteries, surgery on ascending aorta and aortic arch).
  • Rehabilitation and recovery treatment after surgery.
  • Treatment for children with cerebral palsy. Procuring children with assistive devices (wheelchairs, standing frames, training devices, arm chairs, etc.).
  • Helping people with cancer, hematological and other serious diseases.
  • Treatment of HIV-infection (highly active antiretroviral therapy). Preventive treatment of AIDS.
  • Treatment for diabetes.
  • Creation of medical centers of correction of hearing loss and ear, nose & throat diseases.
  • Treatment of patients in ophthalmology clinics.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.
  • Treatment of arthritis.
  • Helping handicapped, elderly persons living in nursing homes, homes for disabled people and veterans.
  • Assistance to war veterans, handicapped and families of victims.
  • Psychological assistance.